The only way that a client will obtain an understanding where to start and which law firm to choose is to give Phonelaw a call and Phonelaw will invite a law firm to meet and discuss your needs.

The problem the client has is that if he or she seeks to commence legal action without the advice of a legal practitioner it could be far more expensive than contacting the right legal firm.

In the early days the Law Society advised the Attorney General and because of the relationship build a transparent system the NSW Government introduced in the Legal Services Commissioner who provides transparent system for the public.

The Legal Services Commissioner was introduced in 1994 by the Attorney General’s Department.


In other words there should be a level playing field.  This was brought about because clients and solicitors had difficulties with communication and over the years it is now a far more transparent system.


The most important first step before retaining a law firm is to arrange your paperwork in an order that when the client meets the solicitor for the first time the client can articulate exactly what the client is requiring from the solicitor which is legal advice.  And a client should always ensure that that legal advice is given before the client considers any litigation.

What clients need is a good advocate someone who can intervene and help the client to first have an understanding of the fallout when first retaining a law firm.  The client on the first interview with the law firm has to just sit there with knowhere to go, the client is already disconnected.  You then look at this lawyer in the face and do you really know what you are doing, or what you are doing is good enough for the lawyer to understand your grief or problems that you are seeking help on.  This is not what the average client can do.

Phonelaw is trained in interlectural conversation the average person is not. The client needs an advocate to explore some of the conceptional  and particular issues that will be raised.  The advocate will focus on institutional problems (not legal) and can deal with the responses by law firms, discuss their fees, payment of the fees and the duty and care to understanding the client’s needs.  


The advocate has to know enough to enable the client to ensure their documents and submissions to the solicitor will give a quick understanding as to their case.
The advocate is not a lawyer, the advocate cannot provide legal advice.  The roll of the advocate is to provide submissions on behalf of the client to the law firm and to ensure that the client is paid attention to by the lawyers.
That vail of ignorance of the law is even difficult for the lawyer to understand.  A client is completely mistified and in the dark as to the best process.  One can sit there and say, until we meet the panamine of the law, we are not going to compromise that is not genering duty and care. 
Phonelaw will meet with you and discuss the matter and then will support and recommend 5 suitable law firms that are willing to meet and discuss your needs.  Phonelaw will not specifically recommend any one law firm as being the best.  Phonelaw will not engage in any legal advice.  The only person that is qualified to give you legal advice is a lawyer.  Any other person, friends, family or consultants should not attempt to give you any legal advice and the client should not adopt or consider that any other person other than a lawyer is qualified to best advise you.