Welcome to Phonelaw
At Phonelaw we have a number of services which we offer to our customers, these include assistance with Affordable Housing, law advocates via Phonelaw, Reconstruction of Businesses, Real Estate and more and also Financial support.
Affordable Housing
Our goal is to provide affordable housing for first home buyers, renters or low income earners.  The provider would call for tenders from builders throughout Australia to construct homes on a package of say, 20 houses plus of a substantial builder at a fixed cost of between $100,000 to $150,000.
This would benefit the builder for their cash flow and provide a guaranteed number of homes constructed each year.

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Many clients and other non lawyers (self litigants) should always proceed with caution when considering conducting their own litigation.  There are many very capable and efficient law firms available who on most occasions not charge for the first interview and with the right legal advice and help the success of your claim will be greatly increased.  A client may well consider where do I start, how do I secure a good law firm to consider my matter.

There are many creative options in which a client can commence legal proceedings or obtain legal advice. Phonelaw in collecting and inviting lawyers to consider advertising providing details of the offer of their services.  Phonelaw does not provide legal advice. Phonelaw will support the client in selecting a law firm that is best suited for their needs.
Phonelaw will strive to spot these practices for you and help you avoid them.
There are many ways in which we can help you, get in touch today.